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ERCC Refresher Course

The objective of this comprehensive 6 hour training class to renew your certification as an Erosion Control Coordinator (ECC) by updating you on the new ADEQ regulatory and ADOT specific requirements.  It is designed to improve your overall knowledge and effectiveness in reducing storm water pollution.

The class will review ADOT’s Individual Statewide Storm water Permit, updates to the 2020 AZPDES Construction General Permit, and updates to ADOT guidance documents.  This course will also provide the opportunity to share and discuss experiences that you may have had in the field as an ECC on projects where the ADEQ construction general permit were required.

This course fulfills the ADOT ECC requirement for refresher training. Certificates with expiration dates will be issued at the end of class.

Cost: $280 for Agency/$306 for Industry
Location:  Online
Phone: (602) 252-3926



  • This ERCC Course presentation exists in Microsoft Office PowerPoint format and is made up of six (6) modules.
  • Each module is set up as a series of videos with a test at the end of each Module (multiple choice/true-false based).
  • Participants will have to pass each module test (80% score or better) prior to being allowed to access the next module.
  • Participants will have to pass a final exam (80% score or better) prior to being provided a certificate.
  • Paid participants will have access to these modules and additional documents for 14 calendar days.
  • The course expires 30 days after activation by payment, not when you begin taking the class; Participants MUST complete the course within the 30-day time frame from payment.
  • Failure to complete the course will result in a participant having to REGISTER AND PAY AGAIN.

Click below to download the course materials.

This is not just the materials for the first module, but for the entire course.